Melinda Looi thrills in Kuala Lumpur – from the inside out


“There is no alternative to digitally-printed fabrics if you really want unique prints,” says the avant-garde designer Melinda Looi took Kuala Lumpur Fashion Week Ready to Wear 2017 by storm with her latest collection ‘The Interiors’. On a runway that was itself intriguingly furnished with lavishly upholstered chairs, the models appeared wearing dazzling outfits inspired […]

John Herrera’s ‘Armada’ collection sets sail at London Fashion Week 2017


The award-winning designer’s flourishing partnership with Epson is a creative collaboration that he describes as a dream come true. Breaking away from convention Popular television shows like Project Runway depict fashion designers working with traditional tools, in traditional settings. We see designers going to fabric stores to pick out the patterns they fancy, then we […]

Designers welcome the Digital Textile Printing Revolution


Fashion is a notoriously helter-skelter business. One minute a look is in, and very quickly, it is out. Style trends come and go, but there is a revolution transforming the fashion industry that will have a significant and lasting impact. The game-changing development that is shaking the industry is digital textile printing. This is opening […]

Digital vs Analogue: Textile printing and the future

Screen Shot 2017-09-08 at 6.17.57 PM

Worth an estimated US$750 billion, the global textile and apparel industry is huge – and growing. Hand in hand with this growth, technological developments are driving innovation in the textiles sector and bringing fabric design into the 21st century. Most textile printing is produced using traditional analogue methods, especially in sectors requiring a high volume […]

Creativity and the Cluttered Market


Stand out with unique branded products by harnessing Epson’s flexible printing options. A CREATIVE content manager by day, an artist by weekends and nights, for Marini, or Nini as she’s affectionately known, art is something she could do for hours on end and yet find great satisfaction in it. As a visual artist, Nini Marini’s […]