Creativity and the Cluttered Market

Stand out with unique branded products by harnessing Epson’s flexible printing options.

A CREATIVE content manager by day, an artist by weekends and nights, for Marini, or Nini as she’s affectionately known, art is something she could do for hours on end and yet find great satisfaction in it.

As a visual artist, Nini Marini’s main concern was the seamless transfer of her creative ideas to a medium that could be displayed for exhibition. In 2014, she harnessed the SureColor technology to print her work on ceramic tiles. She has since staged another exhibit titled Reflections of a Peacock Butterfly in partnership with Epson, and this has enabled her to reach an audience for her art, who are now collectors of her designs executed on mugs, ceramic tiles, metal coasters, drapes, scarves, tote bags, cushion covers and sofa upholstery fabrics.

In an increasingly crowded and cluttered marketplace, personalisation helps brand create a unique voice. Entrepreneurs and marketers have found that a unique physical branded product can engage customers, whether through below-the-line promotional campaigns or by offering a useful product for your target market. All that is needed to bring ideas to life is a combination of creativity and the latest in printing technology, such as the one provided by Epson’s SureColor Printers.

The cost-effective process of transferring Nini’s art to fabric begins with a high-resolution photo of her painting, which are touched up and laid out by a graphic designer in the appropriate format meant for printing. This final digital image is then printed on dye sublimation paper in a printing lab run by Malaysian company Sulong Enterprise, which then offers her items in their Printrix gift shop.

IMG_0765Working with Epson Printing Technology

The technology available in the Epson SureColor F6070 Dye-Sublimation and Epson SureColor F9270 printers has enabled Nini and other artists to present their work on a more tangible medium, giving them a vibrant and direct avenue for their audience.

On the Epson printers, Nini Marini says, “Epson printers have great colour calibration and they print out accurate colours, matching exactly what we are able to visualise on our computer monitors,” she says. The accuracy factor is crucial for our business as we work together with many designers and corporate companies, who demand such accuracy,” she said.

“The production time to produce a print is also very good. Aside from this, the printer is also very user friendly, which is a plus point when dealing with such printers as we do not have to spend a lot of time learning how to use it.”

Both printers use Epson’s proprietary technology known as Micro Piezo printheads, which eject droplets of ink via mechanical pressure. Unlike thermal inkjet systems, Micro Piezo systems do not use heat, making it compatible with a far wider variety of inks and mediums. They are also highly durable while offering fast printing speeds.

This printing technology can likewise be harnessed by companies seeking to promote their brand or entrepreneurs who want to turn their creative ideas into profitable ventures. Epson’s printing options allow you to create unique branded products that relate to your specific business, with an output that can be tailor-fitted to your volume requirements.

Epson’s state-of-the art Dye Sublimation printers produce high photo quality colour artwork that can be transferred onto polyester and polymer-coated substrates, as well as onto textiles and gift items such as mugs, wooden plaques, plastics and fabrics. Whether you are looking to generate promotional items to increase awareness for your brand, or launch your own line of designer products, Epson Printers can help you express your ideas in full colour.